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A soft white creamy appearance and feel, Nature’s Botanical creme has the texture of a high end moisturiser and a pleasant aromatic odour reminiscent of its essential oil base.

When the creme is rubbed into the skin it becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue.

It is certainly a unique product and is Nature’s Botanical best seller with customers throughout the years being extremely pleased with the results.


Nature’s Botanical Rosemary and Cedarwood Oil Creme & Lotion

A highly effective range of products to combat irritating flies and bugs from both human and animal.

    • Apply to ensure¬†complete coverage to exposed areas of skin. Re-apply as necessary
    • For those unfamiliar with the product apply a small amount first to ensure no adverse skin reaction
    • Do not ingest
    • Avoid direct contact with eyes
    • Do not use if pregnant
    • Do not apply to children under the age of 2 years old
    • Store in a cool place
    • When using the Creme product, ensure your fingers are as clean as possible to reduce external contamination
    • Always fasten the lids after use


Nature's Botanicals

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