HerbaNerve Formula-highly effective, safe and natural, supports the nervous system.


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Maintains Normal muscle and nerve function
Application: HerbaNerve helps to keep your horse calm and stress free without removing the edge required for a top class
performance. HerbaNerve assists in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function. Contains a range of nutrients which
have a role in assisting the transmission of nerve impulses, can be used daily or for competitions only depending on your horse’s
requirements. HerbaNerve is the most popular and most economical of all the calming products available and is ideal for young
horses be placed in new situations. Does not contain Valerian
Dose rates:
300kg pony: 2.5 (1/2 small rounded scoop)
500kg horse: 5g (1 level small scoop)
600+kg horse: 7.5g (1 & 1/2 small scoopS)
Feeding Instructions:
Mix well into slightly damp feed.
Product description:
1. Assists in keeping horses calm and stress free without sedating or interfering with top class performance
2. Aids in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function
3. Extremely safe for everyday use, or may be used short term as required
Mineral Tissue Salts
Trimagnesium Phosphate
228 g/kg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 104 g/kg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 78 g/kg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 34 g/kg

Key Ingredients

Amino Acid
Passiflora incarnate (Passionflower) Powder 10:1 extract, Humulus lupulus (Hops) Powder 10:1 extract, Chamaemelum
nobile (Chamomile) extract 6:1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Brewer’s Yeast)

Magnesium is absorbed throughout the length of the small intestine at an average efficiency of 35% to 40%. The rate of absorption
is directly related to the level of dietary intake, rather than being regulated by body magnesium status. If dietary intake of
magnesium is high, then absorption efficiency will be lower, and conversely, if dietary intake is low, absorption will be greater.
Magnesium and Phosphate are required in all reactions involving energy production such as the synthesis of metabolically
important compounds, absorption and transportation of nutrients and any nerve or muscle activity. Magnesium is a known
activator of phosphate in nucleic acids, intracellular molecules and phospholipids. These formulas also contain a broad spectrum of
trace elements and Vitamin B1, which is essential for the central nervous system. Hi Form Herba Nerve contains the amino acid LTryptophan. It has been found through studies with both animals and humans that L-Tryptophan administered any time of the day
is an effective hypnotic. Further more it has been found that it significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fall asleep
without affecting the various stages of sleep. Finally it has been found that L-Tryptophan produces a more relaxed waking state. LTryptophan effects neurotransmitter function and is converted to 5-hydroxyl-tryptophan by tryptophan hydroxylase, this in turn,
converts to serotonin. Anxiety, tension, depression may have a direct link to a lack of serotonin to the brain. L-Tryptophan is joined
by the compatible vitamins, B6 (essential for tryptophan conversion) and B3, (which help to stimulate serotonin release from the
brain) .
Serotonin has been widely promoted as a sleep inducing agent. Its precursor tryptophan was researched in this regard by Dr. E.
Hartmann of Boston State Hospital. He reported, ‘In our studies we found that a dose of one gram of tryptophan will cut down the
time it takes to fall asleep from twenty to ten minutes. Its great advantage is that not only do you get to sleep sooner, but you do
so without distortions in sleep patterns that are produced by most sleeping pills”.
Goldberg and Kauffman state that they replicated Hartmann’s results and found that tryptophan did not in any way depress the
central nervous system but ‘simply allowed’ the body to do what it normally does under ideal conditions.
McSweeney reported that a daily intake of 3 grams of tryptophan, with 1g of nicotinamide was superior to unilateral ECT
administered twice weekly when treating unipolar depression.
It is also important to note that vitamin B6 is essential for the conversion of tryptophan.
Hi Form Herba Nerve becomes, a strong, safe and effective formula.


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