Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots Plain – Regular Sole – Pair of Boots


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If you are looking for hoof protection for your mini horse or pony, Cute Little Boot Minis (CLBs) are the boots for you!
• The CLB upper is heavy duty industrial grade and durable with a soft foam collar and breathable backing for your pony’s comfort.
• Includes reflective logos for safety and a supple and flexible bulb.
• The boots goes on easily, conforms to individual hooves and pasterns, and it stays on.
• Each boot can fit a left or right foot, and can also be used on the rear hooves.

• Sold as a pair of boots.



Size Hoof Length Hoof Width
M1 Regular (HBT8443-1) 62mm – 71mm 62mm – 71mm
M2 Regular (HBT8443-2) 72mm – 82mm 72mm – 82mm
M3 Regular (HBT8443-3) 83mm – 92mm 83mm – 92mm
M4 Regular (HBT8443-4) 93mm – 102mm 93mm – 102mm









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