A Beginner's Guide to Horsemanship - Let's Start With The Basics

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In this DVD "Let's Start With The Basic's"  Terry and Helen Dingle along with their two daughter's Abby and Tara cover the Basics of Horsemanship with Safety being the Main Objective.

They will be Teaching you everything from how to put a Bridle and Saddle on correctly, to Mounting and Dismounting, Body Parts, Grooming, Rugging, Lunging, Riding & Riding Out, Relationship Building, Troubleshooting and of course Fun Games!

This DVD has it all! It is Jam Packed with Information and with Answer's to some Common Problem's people Experience with their Horses and Ponies.

They will also be showing you what they Have been and Will be Teaching their Daughter's as they Grow and Progress. Know matter what your Age, the Basics are the Same, and there is something in this DVD for Everyone.

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