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My name is Amelia Corallo, I am 25 years old and have been competing for 22 years now.

I have been proudly sponsored and supported by Kylee and Steve Russell from Cedar Lodge for 5 years now. I am fortunate enough to have my own property in Garfield that has been set up with stables, yards, day paddocks, an arena and sheds all to accommodate my spoiled horses and those in training.

I started riding at 4yo and started showing at age 5. I started eventing when I was around 15 and have stuck with it ever since! Although I occasionally show some ponies for other people when im not eventing my horses. Standing at almost 5ft tall I never grew so I am fortunate enough that I can get away with riding 11hh and 12hh ponies all the way to my current youngster who is 17.2hh. ( I climb fences to get on him.)

I currently have one horse, Reg (ESB Irish Origin) eventing full time at 1*. We will be competing 1* star at Melbourne 3DE this year and hope to be competing at 2* by the end of the year at Lakes and Craters 3DE, and then hopefully on to a full year in 2013 of 2* competing and on to Adelaide International 3DE.

My young warmblood, Rio (Riverlord Rio Grande) will also be making his debut this year on the eventing scene and hopefully competing at Preliminary at Lakes and Craters 3DE at the end of the year. Rio will also hopefully be off to Sydney 3DE in 2013 doing Pre-Novice.

 Th en there is Lolly (Riverlord Lullaby) who is currently 2 years old and is waiting to hit 4 years old so she can compete. She is currently showing a lot of promise and ability at such a young age.

Career Highlights:

-Talent Search Squad, ESB Irish Rhyme

-1st CCI* Lakes & Craters 3DE, ESB Irish Rhyme

-2nd CNC* Mt Gambier, ESB Irish Origin


2011/2012 Highlights for ESB Irish Origin:

-8th CNC* Tooradin Horse Trials 2011

-9th CNC* Colac Horse Trials 2011

-10th CNC* Geelong Horse Trials 2012


Future Aspirations & Goals:

-          Adelaide International 4*

-          Trans-Tasmin Team

-          World Equestrian Games

-          Olympic Games 2016/2020

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