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Chia seed is high in natural antioxidants – will last years without going rancid or spoiling.

Feed 1 scoop or 1/3 cup per horse daily for horses on pasture.
Feed 2 scoops or 2/3 cup per horse daily for horses on hay (dry
or stalled). Mixes well with feed. Dry or Moist application.

1 Scoop or 1/3 cup chia seed provides:

> 187 Calories
> 11.7g Protein
> 11.9kg Omega 3
> 3.5g Omega 6
> 18.6g Fat (1.8gm Saturated)
> 23.4g Fibre (3g Soluble & 20.4gm Insoluble)
> 23.8gm carbohydrates
> 1.2mg Sodium
> 397mg Potassium
> 405mg Calcium
> 605mg Phosphorus
> 9.3mg Iron
> 221mg Magnesium
> 2.1mg Zinc

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients

Please store in a dry place                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                           1kg Pouch = 23 scoops

Just 0.87c a scoop


3kg Tub = 69 scoops
Just 0.79c a scoop



12kg Tub = 292 scoops
Just 0.68c a scoop


25kg Bag = 609 scoops
Just 0.59c a scoop




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