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No Hose Horse Wash is ideal for when water is limited or unavailable. Spray on the horse before an event to clean up soiled areas, or after a workout, then wipe off. Helps reduce the incidence of foot infections caused by feet being too wet too often. Conditions the coat.


Review in Chaff Chat June 2003: This product is exactly what it says-a horse wash which you do not have to use water with. It is FANTASTIC!!! I received a bottle to try out, and I love it. After I ride my horse, I" just spray the dirty/sweaty areas with the product, and then I wipe it off with a clean cloth/towel. It is especially great for clean-ups before a competition, especially for those stains which have magically appeared overnight, or just plain mud stains. I like the fact that I don't have to use cold water in cold weather on my horse. It is also invaluable with the current water restrictions-especially for those of you that like to keep your horses clean at all times. It's easy to use. Just spray generous amounts of the No Hose Horse Wash onto the dirty area-make sure it is soaked in well, then wipe off WITH A CLEAN TOWEL/CLOTH. Keep turning the cloth around to make sure that it is always clean. Voila!!! Clean and dry horse. Highly recommended product!!!" ED

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