MIRoTEC Foal Survival Kit

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The MIRoTEC system not only prevents excessive heat loss from the body skin surface, but also helps maintain body core heat, and with it, facilitates digestive and optimum metabolic function. The rug also provides a barrier to reduce the chill factor and keeps the foal dry and warm. A naturally warm foal has a better chance of maintaining its vitality and activity.


MIRoTEC Foal Survival Kits will help protect foals from hypothermia (up to 50% of newborn foals are exposed to overnight environmental temperatures of less than 10'C). The Foal Survival Kit is a specially designed emergency pack for foals that are losing body heat. If foals are weak, sick, injured or developing hypothermia the FoalRug's 'space blanket' technology reflects body heat back into the skin. This improves blood circulation, which recycles heat back into the blood, deep into the muscles and into the gut to maintain vital core temperature.

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