PetArk Range

PetArk Range

Holistically Balanced Natural Therapy Formulas, bringing nature to your pet’s door

Please note the PetArk sizes have changed, making it even more economical for you and your Dogs!

Medical research now has the technology and understanding available to fully appreciate the value of natural therapies. Many natural therapies have been improved or altered through scientific research paving the way for the medicine of the future. There is no doubt that there is a great appreciation of the healing power of nature and PetArk has harnessed this power in their range of pet products. PetArk formulas are unique to the world market and contain only oral grade ingredients for Human consumption because we know how important your pets are to you, as they are to us, too. All PetArk ingredients are TGA listed, natural and 100% Science backed. No nasty artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added and no fillers!


At PetArk we have created a range of Holistically Balanced Natural Therapy Formulas, which incorporate the use of 5 nutrients groups found in nature. These nutrients are amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, organic herb extracts and mineral tissue salts.

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