Leroy's Choice Range

Leroy's Choice Range
  • Unequalled Quality- using oral grade ingredients (for human use)
  • Synergistic Mixture
  • Years of Research
  • Over 24 years of Performance
  • 100% Science backed
  • 100% natural
  • Genuine Natural Therapy-combining the five nutrient groups
  • Unique World Class formula
  • 85-95% effective
  • All ingredients listed with TGA
  • Supports immune function
  • No colours, flavour or additives
  • No industrial technical grade minerals used
  • No feed grade vitamins used

Our exciting new range of exterior products for your horse includes 'Veil' to ward off insects, two colour specific shampoos and an all round conditioner perfect for manes and tails. They contain no harsh chemicals and are enhanced by natural essential oils for a superior clean and a beautiful fragrance.

External Products Inspired by the Beautiful Brown Gelding, Leroy
A love story from day one, Leroy was to change the life of Hi Form’s founder Antoinette Foster forever.

Pretty Movin’ MR was by QH Struttin His Stuff (imp/exp) out of the wonderful TB mare Sky Pink. He had an impressive list of awards in Western by 1999 when his height, movement, looks, temperament and “gorgeous Jersey cow eyes” won Antoinette’s heart. Antoinette set about training him for Dressage and was impressed by Leroy’s ability. Together they shared a career that spanned 9 years with some impressive victories at both EFA and HRCAV level. By December 2007 Leroy was training at Advanced Level.

None of his achievements however compared to his personality, temperament and what a dream he was to have around. He stole everyone’s heart that knew him. Whether it was tipping over the wheelbarrow when it was full, picking up the rake, or playing with a soccer ball, Leroy always put a smile on everyone’s face. And he always looked after you.

Tragedy struck in January, 2008 when a paddock accident caused a spiral of problems that eventually led to Leroy being put down, it was one of the toughest days of Antoinette’s life and a dark cloud hung over everyone at Hi Form who had all been touched by this beautiful brown gelding.

He will continue to inspire us and with the Leroy’s Choice range he leaves behind a legacy here that will carry his name on for years to come.

The Leroys Choice shampoos and conditioner do not contain any Sodium Laurel Sulphate, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, artificial colours or fragrances. Surveys in the human health industry have shown that many people suffer allergic reactions to these types of chemicals, our horses are no different


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