Boutique Clinicals Range

Boutique Clinicals Range
  • Unequalled Quality- using oral grade ingredients (for human use)
  • Synergistic Mixture
  • Years of Research
  • Over 24 years of Performance
  • 100% Science backed
  • 100% natural
  • Genuine Natural Therapy-combining the five nutrient groups
  • Unique World Class formula
  • 85-95% effective
  • All ingredients listed with TGA
  • Supports immune function
  • No colours, flavour or additives
  • No industrial technical grade minerals used
  • No feed grade vitamins used

Safe Alternatives for Your Horses...

Since Hi Form’s first product was developed back in 1987, founder and product formulator Antoinette Foster has been learning more and more about the effects of natural ingredients such as horse herbs, amino acids, tissue salts and vitamins and mineral supplements in horses. The Boutique Range of Clinicals is the representation of 20 years of hard work to develop a complimentary range of 100% natural, safe specialist formulas for horses.

Hi Form has been listening to all of you when you speak of natural alternatives to many common drugs, they have been hearing your need for more support for your horse after illness and injury. For those breeders who have complained about a lack of natural options for pregnant mares, and for professionals who want to detox their horse’s systems once or twice a year for peak health, this range is going to put a smile on your face.

We encourage you to read through this brochure and get familiar with this new, ground breaking range of formulas, developed for you by a company that understands horse owner’s because they are too.

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